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Three reasons why Asahi Kenma Industry is chosen

stable quality


Even with products made of various materials and complex shapes, we provide stable quality through polishing by our craftsmen.

customer satisfaction


We support our customers' manufacturing with our craftsmanship skills cultivated over many years and processing using new polishing technology.

Meet all your needs


We offer not only high-quality products but also a wide variety of processing options, so we can meet all your needs.

We support the manufacturing of customers with all kinds of needs.

Asahi Kenma Industry Co., Ltd., located in Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture, is a small factory that has continued to refine its products by hand and eye for 67 years in order to exceed the quality required by customers. In addition, in order to improve our technical capabilities and quality accuracy, we are constantly making improvements without compromise in products that require high quality, various metal materials, products with complex shapes, precision precision parts, etc. We pursue manufacturing. We achieve stable production by pursuing perfection.

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